Cheap Cell Phone Plans Are Now Available With Most Companies

When cellphones were first introduced, it was like you had to sign over your paycheck just to have one. That’s an exaggeration of course, but just think about those credit checks, contracts, expensive phones and expensive plans. Thank goodness that nowadays many of the cellphone companies are offering no contract plans and cheaper phones. Of course, that still doesn’t put all the companies on the same playing field. Some companies have better plans than others.

When looking at cheap cell phone plans, what do you expect. What if you were told you could get unlimited calling and text for 50 bucks a month with no contract? That sounds pretty good, but what about data? Also, how much are you going to have to pay for a phone? If you can purchase your phone for 50-100 dollars, then that sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Data was mentioned, and that is where the ballgame is these days when it comes to choosing a cellphone company. How much data are you allowed with your plan? Cellphone companies will essentially give you unlimited data on the cheapest plans, but the speed after a certain point is going to be extremely slow, to the point that you can forget about streaming.

Cellphone companies come up with all kinds of ways to make their plans cheaper and more appealing. They will up the amount of data you get with a cheaper plan. They will give you an auto-pay discount, which I currently enjoy when it comes to my cellphone. There are also simply cheaper plans than the 50 dollars a month I mentioned. My plan costs me 40 dollars a month plus tax.

Taxes and fees are another thing to think about. Do you remember when years ago the taxes and fees resembled that of what you would find on an old home phone bill? It was ridiculous how much you could be charged, and then everything changed. Now, with cheap cell phone plans these days, many of them are prepaid. That is one downside to getting a cheaper plan and no contract. You used to be able to pay afterwards not up front.

However, it just makes many people happy that they can get a cheaper plan now because cellphones in many ways weren’t all that affordable for awhile. Most people still had them, but they were spending a significant part of their paychecks just to be able to carry a phone around. Nowadays people don’t have to do that anymore. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for technology improving and data being added as a component of plans over the years, the plans might even be cheaper.

Yet, without technology improving, phones and plans wouldn’t be able to be cheaper to begin with. So which cellphone companies have the cheapest plans? Most of the companies have plans that are about the same prices. It does pay to discover who has the cheapest though, as you’re going to be paying monthly.


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